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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/1/1/6

: Loose photographs

: c. 1930 - c. 1945

: This series of images contains nearly 500 photographs and postcards additional to ACAW's albums. The majority are probably those rescued from the Italian Headquarters in wartime Somalia, but there are also a significant number either taken or purchased by him in the course of his work and travels in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, given to him by friends or collected later in his life. According to ACAW's daughter, he was not a naturally organised man and the haphazard state of the photographs is consistent with the way in which he ran his affairs. For this reason minimal attempts have been made to alter the order in which the photographs were found at the time of transfer. The images cover many aspects of life in East Africa which ACAW found of interest, including flora and fauna, scenery, history, archaeology and local people, their trades, customs and beliefs. These interests are also reflected in the album photos, many of which contain partner images in this series. There are also a number of images relating to WW2 and the activities of the Italian administration. Many of the images carry no annotation or information as to provenance, particularly those obtained from the Italian Headquarters.

Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda, Yemen, Benin, Zanzibar

: 2 boxes

: Series


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