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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/1/1/6/1

: "Notable Personalities"

: c. 1939

: This series of photographs was a subset of images collected together in an envelope by ACAW from the images he obtained in Somalia, mainly presumed to be from the Italian headquarters. The "notable personalities" are all Sheikhs and Sharifs, many of them named. The images are a mixture of portraits and group shots but there is no provenance recorded of the occasions where the group shots were taken, although some of them must have been important ceremonial occasions for Muslim clerics. Many bear the stamp of the Italian government on the reverse but the annotations, mainly names with occasional job titles, are probably ACAW's. A number of these images have partner images, clearly taken at the same time/ place, in other parts of the collection. The personalities featured include: Wali Soliman, also pictured inside the Somalia album at 2000/084/1/1/3 where he is described as the most senior Sheikh in Mogadishu. He is pictured here alone, and with the Governor's Interpreter Omar Shago, possibly on the same occasion. Sheikh Mohammed Moheddin Sheikh Abukr Moheddin Said Abukr Abud Msaad with Abdulla Da[..] A group at Merca including Sheikh Muktar Islao Abduraman (Yacub) Shek Saher Sherif Muesin The Commissario's interpreter Mohammed Wursamia A group including Sheikh Mohammed Sufi and Sheikh Abdullah Ali [Bumal] A group inside a building with Imam Mohammed An elderly man Mhadalla Yero (Murosada) A large group of Somalis outside Mogadishu's new cinema for Somalis including Sherifs Ali Zeno and Ali Eidrus in the foreground.


: 25 photographs, 1 envelope

: File

: 25 b/w photographs, many annotated on front with names of notable people. together with the envelope in which they were stored by ACAW.

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