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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Northern Rhodesia Police Association

: 2002/217/4/1

: Photograph album - NRP Training

: 1960

: This album of photographs contains images of life for African trainees in the NRP circa 1960. The photographs follow a "day in the life" type theme and it is possible they were used in a prospectus or similar. Trainees are shown arriving at the school, exercising, handling arms, studying in classrooms, dining, preparing for kit inspection, driving different types of police vehicle, horseriding and playing in bands. At the end of the album are pictures from a passing out ceremony. There are also images of female uniformed officers, possibly traffic wardens. The album has been dated to 1960 by the date on the blackboard in one of the classroom pictures.

Northern Rhodesia, Zambia

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 hardbacked volume containing 34 pages, 28 of which have b/w photographs glued to them. The pages are held within the binding by a length of twisted wire. There are no captions or annotations.

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