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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Northern Rhodesia Police Association

: 2002/217/1/2

: Documents relating to Gwembe District Removal and Resettlement

: 1958

: In February 1955, the decision was taken to construct a dam on the Zambezi River at the Kariba Gorge in order to provide hydro-electric power. This meant that 29,000 Zambians living in the Gwembe District, on the north bank of the Zambezi, would have to be moved. Heavy rains in 1957-58 accelerated the planned flooding programme and it became apparent that people living in Chisamu's village in Chief Chipepo's area would resist the Native Authority's order to move. Resistance hardened, and it eventually fell to the Northern Rhodesia Police Mobile (anti-riot) Unit to enforce the order in September 1958. Demonstrations against the removal attempts escalated over several days until on the 10th September ("D-Day") c. 300 armed villagers attacked police who responded by opening fire on protestors. 8 protestors were killed and 34 injured. These four files detail the run-up to the disturbances, detailed information on how events unfolded and reports prepared in the aftermath. These include: - the official memorandum detailing the government enquiry into the incident - accounts of meetings between villagers and the Provincial Commissioner in the immediate run-up to the operation - medical reports and lists of casualties - internal NRP reports and witness statements - manuscript testimonies and transcripts of telephone orders - NRP Mobile Unit training material The published report of the Commission of Inquiry into the disturbances can be found at 2002/217/2/1.

Zambia, Northern Rhodesia

: 4 files

: Series


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