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: O.5858

: Numismatics

: banknote

: Bristol pound £5 note, second issue, serial number BP05 0000007 Theme of the design is Art and culture Obverse: designed by Yoshino Shighara, the image shows an Aye-aye, an endangered lemur species from Madagascar, climbing across the rooftops of Totterdown's brightly painted houses. 2 holograms, one by un-named artist featuring the PRSC bear Reverse: print in sepia and pink by Stewy featuring famous Bristolians, such as DJ Derek, JK Rowling, Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine), Black beard, Tonty Benn, IK Brunel, Tricky, Elizabeth Blackewell MD, Banksy, Alfred the Gorilla, Colin Pillinger, Claudia Fragapane.

This object is in store, please contact the Museum to arrange to see the object.
: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe, The Downs

: 2012