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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Macfarlane

: 1999/135/1/2

: Unbound album

: 1920s - 1930s

: The mounted photographs in this unbound album are all taken in the vicinity of Kilindini, Mombasa, and appear to be connected with civil engineering projects worked on by Parlane Macfarlane. There are numerous images of ships anchored or docked at Kilindini, including the SS Clan Mackenzie (which is unloading locomotives manufactured by Beyer, Peacock & Co. of Manchester), SS Springfontein, SS Mulbera, MV Dumra and SS Crawford Castle - the first Union Castle line ship to dock in the new harbour at Kilindini in October 1926. There are also images of KUR trains on a viaduct, and scenic views featuring rivers, gorges and railway tracks possibly taken from viaducts. There is a duplicate image of the KUR road bridge shown in several of the images in 1999/135/1/1, and several images of dockside buildings, dock railway tracks and installations such as cranes. There are a couple of panoramic views out to sea and views of the harbour apparently taken from the sea. Several of the photographs appear to relate to a royal visit, possibly the visit of the Prince of Wales (later Edward 8th) and his brother the Duke of Gloucester in 1928. There are images of a ship just outside Kilindini bearing flags and people waving from the shore, a decorated arch at the entrance to the Port of Mombasa with the Prince of Wales crest, and Mombasa Railway Station hung with flags. There is also an image of the Palace Hotel in Nairobi festooned with palm branches and flags and a banner which reads "A Salute to their Royal Highnesses."


: 31 photographs

: File

: 36 cardboard pages with punched holes, resembling an unbound album. 31 of the pages have b/w photographs glued to them. Around half of the photographs are detaching from the pages, and some are missing their corners.

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