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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/1/1

: Photograph album with views taken in the Gulf and India

: [c.1943-1948]

: The first part of this volume covers scenes in the Persian Gulf, where Haslam worked from 1943 to 1946. Later photographs in the album were taken in India. Haslam was assigned to the Foreign Office of the new government of India from 1948. The volume includes photographs showing: p.1 Views taken on an airstrip with two young Indians, and an aeroplane badged Airwork Ltd London (a company established in 1928 and which provided support service to the RAF and overseas air services). p.2-6 Kuwait, various scenes including shipyard with traditional Arab dhow, streetlife and market square, probably Souk Al-Mubarakeya (one of the oldest souks in Kuwait), old city gate and mosque, the waterfront. p.7 Oman, port at Muscat including street scenes. p.8-10 Salalah, capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province. Fertile oasis gardens and military-style fort, also small military billets, and group of four Indians. p.11 Muscat, regimental drill and Al Jalali harbour fort (16th century Portugese). Note above one photo 'Flagpole (slaves)' refers to legend that any slave who touched the flagpole was freed. p.12-13 Oman, camels with traders and in caravan. Group of Indians. p.14-15 Muscat, views over low rooftops and towards the sea p.16-17 Muscat harbour, salvage of SS Daphu, sunk by enemy action in 1944 p.18 Persian Gulf, on board ship and views of four other ships including SS Nearchus p.19-20 Bahrain, ruins of Q'alat-al-Bahrain ancient fort p.21-24 Bahrain Gulf, streets, waterfront, beach shore, artesian well, profile of young woman and evening sea. p.25 Bahrain, offshore p.26-28 Bahrain (ex Naval Base), Union Jack on flagpole, swimming pool, gardens, distant view of battleships, seashore. p.29 Gulf, Arabs in souk and group picture, dhows at sea, p.30 Persepolis in Iran, young Indians at the ruined palace of Darius I, close to the city of Shiraz. p.31-32 New Delhi, Lutyen-designed buildings of India Gate, the Parliament buildings, Viceroy's House (now the President's House), Jaipur House, Jaipur Column, and the empty roads of Rajpath p.33 India, unidentified river scenes, ruined fort p.34 New Delhi, Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory (18th century) p.35 New Delhi, Qtb Minar (12th century) p.36-37 New Delhi, Humayun's Tomb (16th century) p.38 New Delhi, India gate area at night p.39 Delhi, various images including Purana Qila (Old fort), Lal Qila (Red Fort), Lhodi Gardens p.40 New Delhi, Republic Day parades from Rajpath p.41-43 Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and Taj Mahal p.44 Voyage to UK, photographs from ship to various shore locations including grand harbour at Malta p.45 Bahrain, date palms p.46 Bahrain, dhow

Persian Gulf, Bahrain, India


: File

: 1 photograph album containing 48 pages of b/w (and some colour) photographs attached to the pages with hinges. Some captions have been added in ballpoint pen.

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