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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/1/2

: Photograph album with views from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

: [c.1950-1953]

: This volume shows scenes in various countries in East Africa, covering trips taken by Haslam. The volume includes photographs showing: Six loose photographs of an official engagement with senior officer boarding ship p.1-3 Indian Navy visit to East Africa 1952 with various ships of the fleet p.5-7 Rwanda, ceremonial dances, village huts and occupants p.8 Uganda, various images of village life p.9 Kenya, Maasai people, warriors with shields and drum, in several shots an Indian is accompanying warriors p.10 Tanzania, Maasai Mara, large groups of males, and 2 of nursing mothers p.11 Maasai Mara, young men and boys p.12 Maasai encampment, young women and girls p.13-14 Rwanda, various landscapes , town building, Indian woman looking over dam, statue of Leopold II, possible fossil beds p.15 Uganda, Jinja (source of River Nile), views of rapids, boy fishing and Sikh onlooker p.16 Uganda, Kampala, views of Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals p.17-18 Uganda views including Equator sign and Lake Albert p.19-20 Kenya (14 Falls) images of waterfalls include picnicking and bathing p.21 Kenya Thika Falls p.22 Victoria Falls including railway bridge p.23 Uganda Murchison Falls p.24-28 Victoria Falls p.29-33 Kilimanjaro - includes newspaper cutting from Times of India [11 Aug 1953?], referring to Haslam's climb as part of an expedition to site solar instrument recorder. Photos include unfurling of flags of India and UK p.34 Kenya / Tanzania, Amboseli National Park p.35-36 Trek to Kilimanjaro, Indian men in walking gear Quotes from newspaper cuttings on p.34: 'Indians climb Kilimanjaro - Serving Cause of Science The Indian mountaineering team, consisting of Mr Haslam and Mr Pradhan, members of the Indian Commission in Nairobi (East Africa) has successfully climbed the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. One of the objectives of the expedition was to serve the cause of science and help Prof Dixit of the Institute of Science, Bombay, in conducting experiments with nuclear emulsions exposed to cosmic rays' Attached to this a second cutting: 'Mr I C Haslam, member of the Indian Commission staff in Nairobi, is returning to India after three years on home leave. After expiry of his leave he will join duties in the External Affairs Ministry of India. He is leaving Nairobi on the 3rd January to catch SS Amra, sailing from Mombasa on the 5th January 1954. During his stay in these territories Mr Haslam earned for himself friendship of various people He is an enthusiastic photographer. He is a sportsman and played cricket and tennis very well. On the eve of his departure from Kenya Mr Haslam received the sad news of the death of his father, whom he was to meet after an absence of three years.'

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Tanganyika, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 photograph album containing 40 pages of b/w and some colour photographs attached to the pages with hinges. There are also some loose photographs. Some captions have been added in ballpoint pen. Most of the pages are loose - handle with care.

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