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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/1/3

: Photograph album showing Indian Navy visit to East Africa, and Kenya / Tanzania Game Reserve

: 1952

: This volume is the most personal of the three, with many photographs of companions and colleagues. It covers an Indian Navy visit to East Africa and the Kenya/Tanzania game reserve. It is interesting for details of uniforms, clothing and domestic interiors. [See also films of safari and picnics.] The volume includes photographs showing: p.1 Indian Navy Visit to East Africa - Naval officers with Admiral, Indian diplomats with Indian High Commissioner, together with Mayor of Nairobi p.2 Naval officers being entertained by High Commission staff - informal groupings in home settings, with wives and children (including an African nanny) p.3 Three photos of young women, dressed in early 1950s fashion. Also one photo of unkempt children with European priest p.4 Groups of men in formal pose p.5 Friendship groups possibly Christmas? Notably European, and seated before Sacred Heart picture p.7-9 Informal family groups of Indians, many small children (in 2 instances with African nanny) p.10 Friends on picnic expedition p.11-15 Groups of friends including individual photos of young woman, and family group. (Note on p.14 photo of Princess Elizabeth in motorcade through Nairobi) p.16-17 Indian group visiting African village in Rwanda, sightseeing, taking notes at roadside p.18 Serengeti Game Park, Tanzania and Congo showing groups of friends on safari p.19-20 Lake Albert Murchison Falls, Uganda showing groups of friends, women in western dress, paddling, boating p.21 Large photograph of young woman called Pauline p.22-25 Amboseli Game Park, Tanzania / Kenya showing group photographed outside 'Kajiado' store run by Sayeed Omar Bros as they set off on safari [see also 2009/008/2/9]. Photographs of camp, safari truck, meetings with Masai, accompanied by armed African guard p.26 Tsavo Game Park, Kenya. Mainly Indian men relaxing and bathing in leafy riverside. p.27-28 Foundation stone is laid, Indian flag raised and formally dressed Indians attend a reception with Europeans and Africans [see also 2009/008/2/9] p.29 Family groups, women in saris p.30-31 Formal groups including cricket team and one with caption 'Kenya African leaders pre-indep.' p.32 Semi-formal groups p.33-34 Informal family groups and children

Rwanda, Tanzania, Tanganyika, Uganda, Kenya


: File

: 1 photograph album containing 48 pages of b/w photographs (also 2 in colour) attached to the pages with hinges. Some captions have been added in ballpoint pen.

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