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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Stephens

: 2005/044/1

: Photographs taken or collected by Joseph Stephens

: 1945-1947

: There are two photograph albums and 63 loose photographs. The first album (2005/044/1/1) is an overview of his time in India from Mhow (December 1945) up to his trek in Kashmir (September 1946). Subjects covered include landscape views, street scenes, and recreational activities. Where possible links have been made in the summary of letters with photographs in this album. The second album (2005/044/1/2) is a record of his ten day trek from Srinigar to Pahlgam, a hill station 60 miles from Srinigar in September 1946. The photographs are all extensively captioned by Stephens. Copies of some of the same photographs appear in both albums. The loose photographs include duplicates of photographs in the 2 albums. There are also photographs of Muslim League activity and Independence ceremonies.

India, Pakistan

: 2 volumes, 63 photographs

: Series


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