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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Stephens

: 2005/044/1/2

: Photograph album compiled by Joseph Stephens of his trek to Kashmir

: 1946

: General description Photographs illustrating Stephens' 10 day trek from Srinigar to Pahlgam, a hill station 60 miles from Srinigar in September 1946. Photographs all extensively captioned. Some are duplicates from 2005/044/1/1. Detailed description Page 1: Two servants (Ahamdoo and Batti) beside a bus at beginning of trip through Sind Valley to Margund Page 2 - 3: Trek continues, along the Sind to Sumbal Page 4 - 5: Trek guide Ahamdoo, picture of Stephens, ponies and ponyman, to Gagengir Page 6 - 7: Photographs of yaks carrying wool from Tibet, goat flocks, camp at Sonamarg Page 8 - 9: Sonamarg area, glacier, goatherds Page 10 - 11: To Zoji La Pass (11,500 ft) Page 12 - 13: Munwar (guide?) in 3 photographs, including return from Amar Nath peak. Two images of snow bridge Page 14 - 15: Views of the Sind valley, ponies negotiating difficult track and log bridge, Ahamdoo at camp with hookah Page 16 - 17: Above treeline, refers to blizzard and sighting a brown bear. Lunch near a smallholding, and servants smoking hookah Page 18 - 19: Arrived at Pahlgam, shot of Stephens and a note that 'finding it impossible to book a seat on a service bus for at least 3 days, I hired a bus of my own. I became a conductor and picked up passengers and luggage en route'.


: 1 volume

: File

: b/w photographs attached to pages of an album with hinges. Captions are handwritten in ink.

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