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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Stephens

: 2005/044/1/3

: Loose photographs

: 1945-1947

: Loose photographs taken or collected by Joseph Stephens during his time in Northern India. Some of these are duplicates. They cover: 2005/044/1/3/1-5: Scenes taken in Abbottabad including St Luke's Church 2005/044/1/3/6-15: Views taken during his trek in Kashmir in September 1946 2005/044/1/3/16-49: Photographs taken in and around Peshawar where Stephens was based until independence. Including scenes in Kohat such as the last showing of the British flag, and the President of the Muslim League addressing a crowd on Pakistan Independence Day 15 August 1947. Also image of the Frontier of Pakistan signpost at the border. 2005/044/1/3/50-62: Various photographs Stephens' Army colleagues 2005/044/1/3/63: Portrait of Stephens in his Army uniform.

India, Pakistan

: 63 photographs

: File


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