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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Stephens

: 2005/044/2/129-165

: Letters from India - Srinigar, Abbottabad

: 30 August 1946 - 2 December 1946

: Letters begin as he embarks on leave in Kashmir. For his extensive journal of stay in Srinigar and his trek, see 2005/044/3/5. Demobilisation and local troubles are discussed. Including: 2005/044/2/129: 30/08/46 - In Srinigar at start of trek and activities relate to photographs on pages 18-20 in album 2005/044/1/1. 2005/044/2/134: 22/09/46 - To Philip 'me crying India for the Indians. I can see that British Imperialism is nearly dead! I am buying an album when I can afford it, and shall put my snaps in and keep them with me till I come home'. 2005/044/2/141: 27/09/46 - Returned to Abbottabad. Posts personal effects home. Following letter refers to unit closing and moving the Signal Office. Changing conditions reduce his pay to 11s9d a day. Offers to send food parcels (rationing in Britain). 2005/044/2/144: 12/10/46 - Refers to forthcoming 21st birthday. 2005/044/2/146: 23/10/46 - To John - cricket and chess, exams, discussion on merits of Rovers v City, and Glos cricket. 2005/044/2/147: 23/10/46 - Writes to Philip in French and refers to his 'best friend Philip Marsden'. 2005/044/2/148: 25/10/46 - Describes Diwali and the celebrations but 'the sweepers and other hangers-on have lost all their money gambling. Like most Indians you cannot trust them an inch'. 2005/044/2/149: 26/10/46 - Discusses lack of Christian commitment in Abbottabad colleagues and 'Sunday Cinema business' (cinemas prohibited from opening). 2005/044/2/152: 04/11/46 - Describes closing down of Canteen/Sergeants' Mess - the gradual dwindling of British India and looking forward to demobilisation. 2005/044/2/154: 08/11/46 - 'The idea of an album appeals to me. I had considered it myself, and decided I could afford it'. 'Three pounds of rice will be on the way tonight, with about a pound of flavoured cornflower for custards etc'. 2005/044/2/155: 10/11/46 - To his mother - mentions university and that he has changed his mind and it would be better to take a job, whilst concentrating on preaching, or that she may want a fulltime worker in the shop. His father has been appointed as Circuit Steward (Methodist). Later letters mention friends training for the Ministry. 2005/044/2/156: 13/11/46 - To John reflecting on how 'everytime we walk down to the bazaar in Abbottabad people all around poke fun at us, or look hatefully at us'. 2005/044/2/157: 14/11/46 - 'The price of a good large snap album is £1.17.6'. 2005/044/2/159: 17/11/46 - Walk in hills SE Abbottabad with 2 others, Percy Jenn and Tony, takes camera, refers to local village life (possibly shown in photographs 2005/044/1/3/50-62). Next letter discusses colleagues doing courses and demobbed, also references to morale and writing to a national newspaper about the handling of demob announcements. By 29 November it has been announced by Atlee that all who joined before 1 June 1944 will be out by 31 Dec 44. 'March or April 1948 should see me in civvy street. Cipher will definitely be the last branch of signals to be Indianised because only Officers are allowed to do it'. 2005/044/2/161: 21/11/46 - Replies to his mother's question whether he has anyone to talk to about the Christian life - he has not. His best friend now is Tony Hawker.

India, Pakistan

: 36 documents

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