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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Angell

: 2002/255/1/1

: Photographs of Frederick John Angell

: [1860s], c. 1920

: The photographs in this file are mounted on annotated pages extracted from F.J. Angell's photograph album and journal. They all depict scenes around the Royal Naval base at Simon's Town in the Cape area of South Africa, including the RN Dockyard, street scenes, Naval Officers and RN ships. There is one additional image of FJA himself in later life, with his wife Lillie, attached to a handwritten sheet of biographical information. It is unclear how these images ended up in the possession of Angell, as he himself, although a military man who served in Africa, did not enter the army until the 1880s whereas these images are shown from the ships and events depicted to be from the 1860s. It is possible therefore that he either purchased or was given the album, or that it originally belonged to another branch of this military family.

South Africa

: 1 file

: File

: 5 folios extracted from a photograph album. Each folio contains multiple mounted images and manuscript annotations.

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