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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Kinahan

: 2018/003/1

: Maxwell Ray collection

: 1930s-1941

: Maxwell Napier Ray, from Southampton, was a bar steward on the Empress of Britain, a passenger liner owned by the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company. He travelled around the world several times before dying aged 27 when the ship was torpedoed in October 1940. The ship had first been attacked by an aircraft, and most of the passengers and crew escaped before she was taken under tow. She was then attacked by a u-boat and sunk. It is unclear whether Maxwell died in the first hit or the subsequent u-boat attack, but if the latter it is possible he remained on board to assist the rescue operation. This collection provides a poignant snapshot of the short career of Maxwell Ray before his wartime death. His photographs of his voyages around the world and trips ashore are given context by his letters home to his mother and sister and by the inclusion of his death certificate and also his medals, which are in the BEC Objects Collection.

New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Fiji, USA, Canada

: 0.5 box

: Series


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