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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: De Heveningham Baekeland

: 1997/013/1/1/5

: Wedding portrait, Queensland

: c. 1888

: Formal outdoor wedding portrait for an unidentified bride and groom with family members. The groom is a vicar. One of the bridesmaids is pictured, wearing the same outfit, in 2002/169/1/2/106. Despite the caption the bride is not Ellen Brodribb, whose wedding is featured in albums in the Nicholls collection (2002/169). Later manuscript caption: Mrs Metcalfe nee Prudence Brodribb - Ellie Brodribb - Mrs Pine nee Brodribb - Mrs Francis Claudius Brodribb


: 1 photograph

: Item

: 1 sepia photograph, glued into album

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