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: TD7133.1-9

: Social History

: message

: 'The Art of Kindness' messages. These are examples of the type made and left around Bristol during the coronavirus pandemic, 2020. 'ta for smiling' leather heart with a lolly drawn on (.1), 'ta for loving' lavender bag (.2), 'bee brave' flag on lolly stick (.3), 'This will pass' wool on yellow card (.4), 'This will pass' on a small plastic flag on a lolly stick with a cat drawing (.5), 'hi' and a lolly drawn on a pink and white paper bag (.6), 'you have cute elbows/ 'theartkindness' in a rabbit shaped wool surrounding on a piece of fabric, with a piece of yellow and green wool for attachment (.7), 'bee kind' written on a small leather heart with an oral wool attachment (.8), 'you are love' on a yellow heart shaped felt pin badge (.9).

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