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: Ci261

: Geological Maps & Plans

: Map

: The South Wales Coal fields Part 2

: 8 Vertical cross sections showing the Geology of different places in the South Wales Coal field. 1)Neath Valley - Glyncastle Pit 2) Swansea Valley 3)Brynamman District 4)Amman Valley 5)Amman Ford 6)Loughor Valley 7)+8) Gwendraeth District for coal mining.

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: Spottiswoode and Co. Ltd.

: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / Wales, Northern Europe, Europe

: Neath Valley , Glyncastle Pit, Swansea Valley, Brynamman District, Amman Valley, Ammanford, Loughor Valley, Gwendraeth District

: 1910