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: H4461.c

: Foreign Archaeology

: watercolour

: The king, Pharaoh Sety I (with a blue headdress), with the god Geb. Geb wears his emblem of a goose on his head. He was god of the earth and associated with creation. Both figures wear a loin cloth and a collar. There are rows of hieroglyphs above the figures, inlcuding 2 'cartouches' containing the King's names. Hornung, Room J, Hall of Six Pillars, Ac

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: Belzoni Collection

: Thebes (Luxor), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Valley of the Kings, Sety I's Tomb, grave KV17

: Belzoni, Senor Giovanni

: 1817-1820

: [Book] Hornung, Erik. 1991. The Tomb of Pharaoh Seti I.

: Given by Mr. C.E. Wilson, 1900.