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: Ha5359

: Foreign Archaeology

: tomb model

: A carved wooden boat with a flat base and curved bow and stern. It has been painted dark red, the deck is white with red lines (there are spaces for about 15 figures). There are twelve figures with the boat: two kneeling figures with white garments and dark red skin (one has black painted facial features, worn away). There are ten standing men, one has no arms, six have two arms, two have a left arm only, one has a right arm only. There are two loose arms. All have white garments and dark red skin. There are four poles: one red with black end, one red, one curved (the longest), one striped with a rounded end. (Mast and steering post.)

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: Mapp Collection

: Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Bequest of Mr. Charles Richard Mapp, 1956.