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: H3687

: Foreign Archaeology

: papyrus

: Fragments from the Book of the Dead. Other parts in Museo Civico Bologna, Library of the City and University of Frankfurt, and the British Museum Three piece of papyrus in the same mount. 'A' has seated figures above red and (mainly) black hieratic writing. 'B' has three pieces, only the largest has black hieratic writing. 'C' has standing mummified gods with feathers on their heads and row of stars above. It has one register of hieroglyphs above and two below. Plus very small fragments of papyrus. Some have black paint on them. [By 3 different artists, probably from 3 different papyri, but now known to be from one book].

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: Thebes (Luxor), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Hor-m-achbit

: 332 BC-AD 395

: Ptolemaic Period - Roman Period