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: Ha5255

: Foreign Archaeology

: wall relief

: talatat

: 'Talatat', one of the standard size building blocks used for temple building in the Amarna period. Carved in sunk relief with part of a bigger picture, this block shows the head and torso of two young men carrying offerings, part of a procession of offering-bearers: one holds a larg tray piled with pastries. Both men have the elongated head and features typical of the Amarna style. The stone is yellow-buff and no paint remains.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Egypt Gallery

: Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Gurob (Ghurab), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Hermopolis (el-Ashmunein), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Amarna (El- Amarna, Akhetaten), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: 1352-1336 BC

: New Kingdom