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: H4596

: World Archaeology - Egyptology

: tomb model

: Brewery and bakery tomb model. This tomb group is attached by pegs to a wooden base which is in two parts, one plank is longer than the other. Currently there are four figures attached to the base. One is leaning over a vat (roughly hollowed cylinder) and would have held a stick to stir it with. Another is leaning forwards; one is standing nearby. The fourth is kneeling and should be facing the pile of loaves which are being cooked over a fire (it looks like a brown pine cone). In addition there is a loose item, straight with curved ends and two indents and drilled holes, which is unlikely to be part of this model. With this is a standing man, feet together, a red beer vat with white top and two quern stones, rectangular with a notch on the top.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Egypt Gallery

: Beni Hasan, Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: grave 275a

: Djay

: 2055-1985 BC

: Middle Kingdom (early)

: [Citation] Burial Customs of Ancient Egypt. p. 221.

: Given by the Victoria & Albert Museum, 1935