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: H3126

: World Archaeology - Egyptology

: stele

: Creamy-white rectangular stele with carved decoration on one side. It shows a man facing right on a papyrus boat with animal bow and stern. The man is smelling a lotus flower and is standing before some flora and animal heads. There is a row of hieroglyphs above his head. His skin is painted red-brown. Translation: A royal offering to Osiris Lord of Busiris, Khentyamentiu, Lord of Abydos; invocation - offerings of bread and beer for the revered one, Nekhtiqer, justified.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Egypt Gallery

: Hiw (Hut-Sekhem, Diospolis Parva), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: grave W47

: Nekhti-qer

: 2055-1985 BC

: Middle Kingdom

: [Citation] Diospolis Parva, the cemeteries of Abadiyeh and Hu. pl. XXV.W47, p. 41.

: [Citation] Guide Catalogue to the Collections from Ancient Egypt. fig. 13, p. 31.