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: H8

: World Archaeology - Egyptology

: stele

: Harageh

: Pale cream stele, rectangular with a raised border around the bottom section and the top has carved decoration to look like a cornice. The bottom section has three rows of hieroglyphs with a man and wife seated opposite each other with a table of offerings inbetween them. Low sunk relief. Translation: A royal offering to Anubis Lord of Life, an offering given to Osiris, Lord of the Sacred Land, for the ka of the Counsellor of the God Kenemsu, justified, possessor of reverence. A royal offering to Osiris, Lord of Life, for the ka of the Lady of the House Selket, justified, possessor of reverence.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Egypt Gallery

: Harageh, Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: grave 105

: Kenemsu

: Seru-nebt

: 1985-1795BC

: 1985-1795 BC

: Middle Kingdom

: Middle Kingdom

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