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: Ea12743

: Ethnography

: painting

: Mudmen

: Kauage, Mathias

: Painting on paper, 'Mudmen' by Mathias Kauage, 1996, showing two Asaro mudmen dressed for dancing. The text in Neo-Melanesian explains the image: 'Dispela tupela Asaro mudman i bilas na go long Goroka Show na danis', These two Asaro mudmen decorated themselves and go to the Goroka Show and dance. Verso: reused sheet of paper with outline of two figures obliterated by ?gloss paint.

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: Papua New Guinea, Oceania / Melanesia, Pacific

: Chimbu

: Asaro mudmen

: Kauage, Mathias

: 1992

: Goroka Show

: 1996

: Purchased with assistance from the MLA/V&A Purchase Grant Fund, The Bristol Magpies and the Friends of Bristol Art Gallery, 2004.