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: O.3934

: Numismatics

: cheque

: Cheque printed on one side of paper on pink paper in blue ink, with the handwritten part being in black ink. On the left-hand side are the initials of the partners of the bank within an "entwined " design. On the right-hand side of the cheque is an embossed impression of a one penny stamp. Just beside this are two identical stamps overlapping with "PAID 8 DEC 1866" The following is written on the cheque: No[19] Bristol Old Bank [Dec 5th] 186[6] Mess.rs Baillie, Cave, Baillie, Edwards & Co Pay to the Order of [Mess.rs S Ward & Comp.y] [Eleven Pounds - nine shillings & three pence.] [& charge ?] [J.Shute ?]} £[11. 9. 3] } [Trustees] [? Prichard] } The cheque is in good condition with the exception of a small tear above the design feature on the left-hand side. On the reverse it is signed "Ward & Co"

On Display at M Shed, Bristol Places Gallery

: Bristol Old Bank

: 05/12/1866