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: O.3920

: Numismatics

: bankers draft

: Bankers draft printed on one side in black ink. Along the left-hand side are the initials of the partners of the company in copper plate writing. In the top left-hand corner are two crossed shields. One is the Merchant Venturers Coat of Arms and the other is the Bristol Coat of Arms. The following is written on the note: No Briftol Bank No 15 Corn Street. I Promise to pay or Bearer on demand Thirty Pounds Value received 17- For Ames, Cave, Harford, £Thirty Daubeny & Bright. Ent.d. The note is in fairly good condition, although the top right-hand corner is missing and there is some yellow spotting.

On Display at M Shed, Bristol Places Gallery

: Bristol Bank

: 17**