Goram Fair was a funfair and community event held between 1954-1996, originally at Blaise Estate. Photos from the 1950s (held by Bristol Archives) show that there were aerial acts, bands, a giant effigy, circus entertainers, a big wheel, and an ox roast. Goram Fair was revived from 2016-19.

The fair is named after a mythical giant called Goram, who is associated with Henbury. Another giant, Ghyston (sometimes known as Vincent) is connected to Clifton. There's a few versions of their story but it is said by some that they created the features of Henbury and Clifton in their fight for Lady Avona, a personification of the River Avon.

We'd love to hear your memories and see any souvenirs you have from Goram Fair. Please contact our History Curator: amber.druce@bristol.gov.uk