This mandrill was once part of Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, 22nd April 1899: 'It is interesting in consequence of the approaching visit to Bristol of Messrs Barnum and Bailey's show to note the specimen of a mandrill which was sent to the Museum in Queens road shortly after their departure from this city on their former visit, when the mandrill was then included in the Show. But it died not long after reaching Southampton and its skin was sent by the proprietors to the Museum. The skin has been treated with great skill by Messrs [Brazeu...] Bros., and the result is a fine example of taxidermy. The colouring of the face is extremely well preserved and, with the natural position, tends towards giving an almost lifelike appearance. Taxidermists have of late been busy at the institution, and a case of lions is sure to attract attention. The other specimens in the Museum are also being thoroughly overhauled by Messrs [Brazeu...] Bros., including the gorilla, which, it is interesting to know, was the first gorilla skin brought into this country. The increased attendances show that greater interest is being taken in the Museum.'

Bristol Zoo was once part of an international trading network that included circuses. In 1894 they provided a Bengal tiger for Barnum & Bailey. She travelled from Clifton Down Station to Paddington, and from London on to New York.