"In Danger Ready"

The Bristol Volunteers were part of the British Volunteer Movement. They were a voluntary group formed to defend Britain against invasion during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Their first incarnation was from 1797 - 1802 as the Bristol Volunteers, or Bristol Loyal Volunteers. There was then a short period of peace until, between 1803 - 1814, the regiment was reincarnated as the Royal Bristol Volunteers. Their motto was 'In Danger Ready'.

Bristol Volunteer uniforms included scarlet jackets with yellow facings. When the royal prefix was added, the new jacket had blue facings.

An R.B.V. medal was struck in 1814 that said "Imbodied for the Maintenance of Public Order & Protection of their Fellow Citizens on the Threat of Invasion by France MDCCXCVII. Revived at the Renewal of Hostilities MDCCCIII. Disbanded when the Deliverance of Europe was Accomplished by the Perseverence & Magnanimity of Great Britain and Her Allies MDCCCXIV".