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: N86

: Applied Art

: coffee cup

: Porcelain coffee cup. The cup is round and cylindrical and tapers in to a round, short foot rim. It has a plain handle. The cup has Japanese decorative motifs painted in red and blue glazes and gilding. The cup is divided into decorative panels divided by curving and scalloped gilt lines. In each section there are floral patterns including red flowers and blue leaves. There is a red flower in the interior of the cup, which has a gilded outline. There is a gilt line around the rim of the cup and a gilt line around the rim of the foot ring.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Gallery 1

: Worcester: First Period

: Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe


: 1765

: Given by Robert Lang, 1876