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: Ha5588

: Foreign Archaeology

: coffin (fragment)

: Portion of a coffin footpiece, from an inner coffin. Two edges are covered in cartonnage and pigment, whilst the other two are undecorated wood. The top face shows a mummified body covered in cloth laying on the back of an apis bull. There are three bands of colour beneath. The remains of a peg or dowel protrude from one of the undecorated edges. This edge is also covered in a dark resinous material that could possibly be an ancient adhesive.

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: Iyhat (?)

: Bristol Institution

: mummy unwrapping

: Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: 1834

: [Article] Dodson, Aidan. 2008. The Coffins of Iyhat and Tairy: A Tale of Two Cities. JEA.