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: H3032.a

: Foreign Archaeology

: model

: Cork model of a 4th century BC chamber tombs from Paestum, mounted on a brown wooden base. It has a rectangular structure with two triangular projections on either end, a a door cut through one side (closed). It has two rectangular pieces which fit onto the top as the roof (separate). The outside is decorated with incised lines representing brickwork. The inside depicts a fresco on the walls - only one side along the length shows a scene of three male figures. One stands dresssed in a robe. The other two hold shields and arrows and face each other fighting. One wears a short skirt, the other a yellow belt. The figures are all bearded, and painted with orange, yellow, pink, white and black paint. There is a scrolled frieze design underneath their feet. On the floor of the tomb is a skeleton surounded by grave goods.

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: Stobart collection

: Pompeii, Italy, Southern Europe, Europe

: Naples, Italy, Southern Europe, Europe


: 1805-1822

: 400-300BC

: 1805-1822