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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/1/3

: Winthrop's ADC posting - India

: 1916-1920

: This album is one of two which contain photographs from the early part of Winthrop's military career. The chronological spread of the images in this album is much smaller, with the vast majority dating from a few months in 1920 during Winthrop's service as ADC to Edward Maclagan, Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab. A number of the subjects and occasions featured overlap with the images taken during the same period in 2001/243/1/1/2. The inside front cover of the album contains the caption "Photographs - started 1/4/20." This almost certainly refers to the commencement of the album as a scrapbook or record, as the majority of images were actually taken before this time. Most of the images were taken between February and April 1920, and feature places visited and official engagements attended by Winthrop in his ADC role. They do not follow a strictly chronological order, with more amateur looking photographs presumed to have been taken by Winthrop himself often inserted in a different place from professional looking photographs of the same events. Official engagements and occasions featured here include ceremonial visits to Kapurthala, to Suket for the investiture of the Raja (visiting Palampur, Mandi and Nurpur en route), Chamba for the installation of the Raja (visiting Khajjiar and Dalhousie en route) and Mianwali. Winthrop's photographs of roadside scenes and informal groups contrast with the highly posed ceremonial and group shots also included in the album. There are also a number of "tourist" images taken (presumably by Winthrop) around the sites of Lahore and at the Golden Temple of Amritsar, and photos of groups of friends relaxing around Lahore and on a trip to Abazai. There is one page containing postcards of Kapurthala and a photograph and programme from the amateur production of "Miss Hook of Holland." The photographs and mementos dating from before 1920 include group photographs featuring Winthrop in 1916 at the School of Musketry in Pachmarhi and in Multan shortly after receiving his commission, a photograph, press cutting and programme from the amateur production of "Mrs Dot," in which Winthrop appeared in July 1918, and group photographs of the 14th Sikh Brigade and the staff of Government House, both 1919.

India, Pakistan

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 bound volume containing 48 pages, 32 of which contain sepia and b/w photographs, along with 3 documents. These have been glued into the album and all are captioned in black ink, either individually or at page level. The album is in an extremely fragile condition, with the spine missing and front/ back covers therefore detached.

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