As part of the Ahead of the Curve project, we set out to inspire students of all age groups through workshops and rich learning resources.


At The Wilson in Cheltenham and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery we ran skills-based studio workshops for Key Stages 2 & 3 students, as well as A-Level student groups, special needs schools and Art Therapy groups. The workshops were run by teachers and practicing artists Sam Hallett and Zoë Cameron. The students spent the morning of the workshop in the exhibition with the artist, looking closely at the works and taking inspiration from themes and form, and making observational drawings. In the afternoon, under the guidance of the teacher they proceed to do hands-on work using stoneware or porcelain clay. The ceramic teachers provided an introduction to clay and demonstrated hand building techniques such as: slab and imprinted textures; pinch pots and sphere making; making a coiled cylinder. Having investigated these essential hand building techniques, the students then created their own sculpture, with finish and colour slip. The students' work was then fired and returned to the school at a later date.

Teachers' Pack

This pack, written by Gill Nicols, was designed to help prepare and support a family or school visit to the exhibition, and serves as an accessible introduction to a number of themes in the exhibition including Chinese history and culture, cross-cultural exchange, the history of glass and porcelain, language and decoration. The activities presented in the pack are designed to be cross-curricular and encourage individual and collaborative creative work. They also link to learning in art, geography, literacy and citizenship.

You can download the Teachers Pack here: