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: N6613

: Applied Art

: puzzle jug

: Tin-glazed earthenware puzzle jug. Inscribed verse: 'Here Gentlemen Come try yr skill I le hold a wager if you will that you Don't Drink this liqr all without you spill or lett some Fall' It has a slim rounded body on a footrim and a wide cylindrical neck pierced with flower heads with four heart-shaped and four oval petals. These are separated by two vertical heart-shaped piercings and there is a hollow rim with three spouts and a tubular handle engaged with the body. It is painted in blue on a pale bluish glaze. There are three-flower stems on each side of the verse and diagonal dashes on the rim and handle. There are dashes on the neck.

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: Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: Liverpool (probably)

: 1740-1765

: [Book] Britton, Frank. 1982. English Delftware in the Bristol Collection. 3.4.

: Bequest of Joseph Stone Hodges, 1961.