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: Ea8187b

: Ethnography

: tracing

: Tracing in red ink of the stucco facade of the temple on the pyramid at Acanceh. Full scale. Figures 1-4. Two rows of figures within a stepped frame. 1 Jaguar I / Earth, underworld association (von Winning); Frog or toad linked to rain (V Miller) 2 Bird II / Blood and water sign (von Winning); Bird, linked to rain clouds (V Miller) 3 Squirrel I (von Winning); Squirrel, linked to water (V Miller) 4 Bird III / Eagle? / Offertory incense on wings (von Winning); Bird (V Miller) Red ink on thin, cream machine-made wov paper This tracing is very fragile, see photographs Ea11102 of the same relief instead where possible. Joins Ea8187a

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: Breton Collection

: Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico, Latin America / Central America, Americas

: Palace of the Stuccoes

: Maya

: Breton, Miss Adela Catherine

: Breton, Miss Adela Catherine

: 600-700

: 1907

: 1907

: [Book] Miller, Virginia E. 1991. The Frieze of the Palace of the Stuccoes, Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico.

: [Book] von Winning, Hasso. 1985. Two Maya Monuments in Yucatan.

: Given by Colonel Breton, 1923.