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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/3

: Views of Victoria Falls and Royal Visit to Kenya in 1952

: 1952

: General description Over half of the film is taken up with views of Victoria Falls, followed by the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. The last third shows the motorcade of the State Visit of Princess Elizabeth to Kenya prior to her father's death, dating this to February 1952. Detailed description Close up of lioness followed by extended shot of waterfalls [Victoria Falls]. 02:16 Statue of explorer Dr Livingstone. Long panning shots of Falls continue. 03:38 Group of spectators become visible, filming of aspects of Fall, and a prismatic rainbow. 06:29 The river and a gorge, with high iron bridge spanning above. 07:38 Steam train is filmed crossing the bridge. 08:43 Thatched lodge, with Union Jack flag on pole outside. Group of Indians stroll before remains of great brick structure [ie Great Zimbabwe - ruins of the ancient city of Zimbabwe built in 12th-15th century], which include conical towers and massive walls with decorative latticework topping. Occasional shots of woman in sari and man with straw hat. 11:31 A street (in Nairobi) lined with honour guard of soldiers and spectators, Union Jack flags, bunting. The anticipation of an important motorcade, a child is held up in a group near the camera, all of whom appear to be Indian. Black car and motorcycle outriders followed by open topped car. This is the first stage of the State Visit to Kenya by Princess Elizabeth just before her father King George VI died. 13:58 Banner across road with lettering 'WELCOME - Loyalty to the King and Country is our motto' and 'Muslim Community Welcomes their Royal Highnesses'. The Muslim flag flies above this. Another sign outside flag-decked building with clock tower 'WELCOMES OUR ROYAL VISITORS'. Further views of broad festive streets with cars, bicycles, pedestrians, floral decorations.

Zimbabwe, Kenya

: 1 film 16mm digitised

: Item

: 1 film in metal can. Running time: 16:00mins Length: 400ft colour silent

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