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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Sitwell

: 2003/071/1/1

: Sir Sidney Sitwell and family photographs

: c. 1840 - c. 1940

: The photographs in this series are from the collection of Sir Sidney Sitwell. Two of the albums (2003/071/1/1/2 and 2003/071/1/1/3) were collated by him during his time in the Far East, and comprise a mixture of souvenir photographs purchased from studios of the period and images featuring himself, colleagues and Bank of Bengal branches. The few loose photographs in 2003/071/1/1/5 follow a similar theme. The Victoria Memorial Album (2003/071/1/1/4) is a souvenir album presumably purchased by Sitwell, a resident of Kolkata for a number of years. The Sitwell family album (2003/071/1/1/1), featuring photographs dating back to around 1840, is presumed to have come into Sir Sidney's possession from his uncle or grandmother.

India, Myanmar, Burma, Spain, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, France, Italy, Switzerland, Bangladesh

: 4 volumes, 6 photographs

: Series


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