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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/1/1/6/5

: Uncategorised photographs

: c. 1930- c. 1945

: This large series consists of all the photographs collected by ACAW which did not end up either in one of his albums or envelopes. There is a large amount of overlap between the images here and the images included elsewhere, with duplicates and partner images found spread through all parts of the collection. The bulk of these images were obtained from the Italian Headquarters in Somalia, but there are others collected in the course of ACAW's work and travels in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as postcards, photographs purchased from studios and images obtained from friends and colleagues. Around half of the images carry some form of annotation, but many carry no evidence at all as to date, place or provenance. There are a large number of images of flora and fauna, including wild animals, mainly in postcards but also some photographs, such as elephants, camels, giraffes, emus, leopards, lions, deer, reptiles, buffalo and Bimal sheep near Kismayo. There are a series of images from the Italian HQ relating to fish and fishing in Somalia. These include a typescript booklet (2000/084/1/1/6/5/204-266) with captions in Italian outlining various aspects of the Somali fishing industry complete with affixed photographs of the coastline and coastal towns, fishermen, fish and markets/ market traders. There are numerous images of indigenous plants and trees, including palms, baobabs and a mango grove. There are also numerous postcards and photographs of the countryside in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, including the Juba River, the flood zone of the Shebelle River near Belet Uen, a papyrus boat on a river in Ethiopia and many images of bush country, coastline, archaeological features and distant images of the hills in El Corre and Callafo, Ethiopia. Copies of some of these may have been used to create the panoramic photographs similar to those found in ACAW's albums. There are some images of Brava and Merca, and a number from Agordat, Eritrea. One of these is an image of an ox yoked to an oil-squeezing mill. Several images of bridges and paddle steamers are included but not annotated. There are also a number of images of street scenes and buildings in Mogadishu, including one of a neighbourhood dated 1932. There are a significant number of images of mosques and tombs, similar to those found in the Somalia album. These include the tomb of Sheikh Haj. Adan. and the Jama Mosque, Seek Sufi Mosque and Mosque Tak el-Din in Mogadishu and Mosque of Mohammed Jaio in Assab, Eritrea, as well as other images of mosques annotated as not visited by ACAW but believed to be in Yemen, Cairo and Benin. There are a couple of images of the Kiblah of a ruined mosque excavated in Mogadishu. There are also a number of images of historic buildings and monuments, including the memorial to Colonel Ardinghi, the Mnara Tower and Old Fort (later Museum) in Mogadishu, the Sennar Dam in Sudan and a series of postcards of historic monuments in Ethiopia. There are a number of images of people from Uganda and Somalia, again a mixture of postcards/ purchases and photos which complement those found in the albums. These include portrait shots and informal groups, as well as some shots of a formal group with British military figures and local Chiefs or Sharifs. There are images relating to the Coptic Church similar to those found in the Eritrea album (2000/084/1/1/5) and additional images from the bullfight and war dance depicted in the Somalia album (2000/084/1/1/3). There are also several small series of purchased images including a set from Zanzibar which contains pictures of Tippu Tip, His Excellency Said Hammad, and various scenes of local people and scenery including coastline, towns and traders. Further images from East Africa include the Sultan's Palace and H.H. Khalifa bin Harun of Zanzibar, and an image of Bagamoyo, Tanzania sent by Mrs Bragg. All of these have partner images in ACAW's sets of images at 2000/084/1/1/6/2 and 2000/084/1/1/6/3. There are additional images of some of the "Notable Personalities" pictured in 2000/084/1/1/6/1, including a meeting under the Dom palms near Belet Uen. There are a number of images of Somalia taken from aeroplanes, probably during wartime. Two of these have been made into postcards which bear the stamp of the Federazione dei Fasci di Combattimento della Somalia Italiana. There are also images of roads, including a couple which may be landing strips, and two pictures of what appears to be a bomb shelter. There is an image which appears to show refugees at a military camp called Meschinopoli, which contains a partner image in the Somalia album 2000/084/1/1/3. There is also a series of images of Italian military personnel during wartime, addressing crowds and visiting patients in hospital. There are also several images from Geita, Tanzania, annotated on reverse, which appear to have been sent to ACAW by a contact involved in engineering or land survey/ development work, and several family postcards and images of unidentified individuals.

Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda, Zanzibar, Yemen, Benin, Egypt

: 413 photographs

: Series

: 413 photographs and postcards, mostly b/w. Around half of them carry annotations on the reverse. A small number have been removed from albums.

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