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: H4551

: World Archaeology

: print

: Drawing of a mummified body in a coffin. It is believed that the mummified body depicted in the drawing was sold to Brussels Museum by Sarah Belzoni. If so, the deceased was a man called Boutehamon. This drawing is comparable to a photograph, so seems likely.

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: Belzoni Collection

: Belzoni, Senor Giovanni

: Capart, Professor Jean

: Belzoni, Mrs Sarah

: Boutehamon

: Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Brussels, Belgium, Western Europe, Europe

: Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: 1817

: 1934-5

: 1817-47

: New Kingdom

: [Article] Capart, Jean. 1935. Le Cercueil & Momie de Boutehamon. Brussels Museum Bulletin. 5

: Given by Mr. C.E. Wilson, 1900.