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: H506

: World Archaeology - Egyptology

: stela

: Stele of Inamun Nayesnebu. Creamy-white stone stele, rectangular with a curved top. There are nine columns of carved hieroglyphs above a depiction of the deceased standing in front of an offering tale and pouring a libation to the mummified human-headed god Osiris who holds a flail and a sceptre. The top part of the stele has a winged sun disc with two uraeii (cobras). Translation: Speech of Osiris, Chief of Justice, lord of Abydos, that he may give food offerings to the ka. A royal gift to Osiris that he may give unguent, alabaster, clothing, bread and beer, oxen and fowl for the Osiris Inamennayesneb, the daughter of the beloved of the god, the Wardrobe Master of Min, Ankhefenamun; her mother Payestjauemdunun.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Egypt Gallery

: Thebes (Luxor), Egypt, North Africa, Africa

: Inamunnayesnebu

: 664-525 BC

: Late Period

: Given to the Bristol Institution by the Misses Goldney, 1884, and later transferred to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.