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: Q1969

: British Archaeology

: fireplace, top

: fireplace

: Fireplace incorporating frieze or architrave and top part of Tudor arch in six pieces (Q1969a-f). Frieze consists of foliate scroll enclosing five-petalled flowers. Beneath the frieze is a border of arch surround enclosing decoration of alternate dot and stud. Quadrant moulding arch, shield in each pandrel, left hand containing 'RFB' and the right indistinguishable, but may be a monogram of the same initials (?) Q1969a - 335, 135, 175mm Q1969b - 395, 320, 180mm Q1969c - 305, 180, 380mm Q1969d, e (conjoined) 1780, 520, 120mm Q1969f 230, 170, 199mm (found but not photographed).

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