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: L286

: Fine Art

: sculpture

: Noni

: DOBSON, Frank

: a silvered bronze sculpture, mounted on a plinth, showing: the head of Joyce Addenbroke (1919-2009), known as 'Noni', a dancer at the Windmill Club, London, during the 1930s; this work was commenced in 1938 (when Joyce Addenbrooke was at the Windmill Theatre) but was not completed until the following year; it was displayed in 'Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawings by Frank Dobson', a retropective exhibition held at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery from 28/3/1940 to 11/4/1940 (cat. no. 8) from where it was purchased

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Winterstoke (Front) Hall

: 1938-1939

: 1938-1939

: Purchased, 1940.