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: N7962

: Fine Art

: sculpture

: Help (opus 81)

: MEADOWS, Bernard

: a polished and lacquered bronze sculpture, modelled in 1966 and cast in 1968, showing: two hard and solid shapes 'squashing' a softer rounded shape; the artist polished the bronze to maximise the metal's natural, golden colour, and used different textures to emphasise the forms; Meadows began to use abstract shapes in his sculpture to express human fear and anxiety during the mid-1960s; in this work, the 'squashed' rounded shape appears to cry for help

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Temporary Exhibition Gallery 2 [formerly Balcony Gallery]

: 1968

: 1966

: 1968

: Given by the Friends of Bristol Art Gallery with the assistance of the Gulbenkian Foundation, 1968.