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: N5671

: Applied Art

: advertisement

: Paper advertisement for Bristol Glass Blowers. 'ROYAL AND // ELEGANT [Royal coat-of-arms] GLASS//WORK// To the admirers of the Fine arts.//Mr.DAVIS and Mr.JOHNSON,//Glass Blowers,//Mr.JOHNSON, a native of Sweden, and just returned from South America, has had the honour//of exhibiting before the King of France and Suite, while at Brighton, and patronized by numerous//distinguished Noblemen and Gentry. // Respectfully announces his Arrival in this City and purposes during the Fair, // TO EXHIBIT THEIR CURIOUS, PLEASING, AND INTERESTING ART OF//Glass Working and Blowing,//IN MINIATURE,//At No.4, St.James's Church Yard,//Mr.Davis assures the Public that they are the only SHIP BUILDERS travelling the King-//dom, and they will blow any Article wanted, while the Company are present. // Glass Blowing, Spinning, Linking, and Modelling. // Mr.DAVIS makes a variety of Ornaments in Glass for Sale, such as Feathers, Pens,//plain and ornamented Necklaces, Ships, Anchors, Crosses, Baskets, Flowers, Pipes, Tobacco//Stoppers, Segar Tubes, Microscopes, Spirit Levels, Trees, Birds and Birds' Nests, Seals,//Smelling Bottles, Rings, Decanters, Glasses, Quadrupeds, Instruments for Philosophical Ex-//periments, with a variety of other Articles too numerous to insert. // They will exhibit a fleet of Ships from one inch in length to 40, and will teach the art of Ship//building while the company are present, without the use of fire. // Mr.D. is enabled to spin One Thousand Yards of common Window Glass in the space of One//Minute, so fine that Ten Grains in weight will extend Eighteen Hundred Yards in length. // Mr.JOHNSON makes a variety of Men of War, from 20 Guineas to 100; Tea Caddies, from//5l. to 20l.; Bird Cages, from 1l. to 5l.; Work Boxes, from 2l. to 10l.; Glass Temples, from//5l. to 50l.; Baskets, from 1l to 5l. All Articles in the Exhibition are made in Bristol. // Mr.Davis, continues to work from 10 in the Morning till 9 at Night. // Admittance, Ladies and Gentlemen 1s. - Tradesmen 6d. - Children half-price.'

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: City of Bristol Collection

: Bennet

: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: adjoining St John's Church

: Given by W.J.Durbin, 1956.