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: TD4844

: Social History

: bag

: strap

: Military knapsack. Reddish-brown exterior with a blue oval design at the centre of the front. Scalloped edges. Inscribed in the oval; 'GWB/ RBV/ Gren.r Comp.y.' Black shadowing. Written inside [in pencil] is: 'Lieu.t.: Braikenridge/ Grenadiers/ Royal Bristol Volunteers'. 'Linens J46' is printed below a crown motif in three places. Crudely cast buckles. Seperate brown leather strap, for fixing around body (possibly a greatcoat roll carrying strap). Brown leather sliders and white metal buckles. Stitched to theis strap are two 0.5 inch straps of similar leather each with brown leather sliders and two white metal buckles, for attaching to the pack. Written on the inner side is 'Lieut.t Braikenridge.'

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: Braikenridge, G.W.

: Royal Bristol Volunteers

: BRAIKENRIDGE, George Weare

: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: 1805 (circa)

: Acquisition details unknown