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: 2000/084/735

: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Furnishings

: Table decoration of a bead decorated bottle with bead flowers and bead table/box cover. a: table decoration, a long necked Italian wine bottle, filled with sand to weight and stabilise it, with black cloth covering the base, a bead network over the shoulder, and bead flowers and foliage on wire covering the neck. b: circular ring stand, black cloth doughnut c: beaded cover for box or table, making a stand for the flowers. Collector's note: This was admired by ACAW on a visit to a house in the Western Province of Eritrea when on a visit to a chief of Beni Amer, near Agorate in the desert, 1945. On this visit ACAW admired the work of the Seyyid's wife, it was obviously a personal treasure, and to ACAW's embarrassment he was presented with it and to refuse would have been very impolite.

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: British Empire & Commonwealth Museum Collection

: Wright

: Eritrea, East Africa, Africa

: near Agorate

: Beni Amer

: Eritrea, East Africa, Africa

: Eritrea, East Africa, Africa

: near Agorate, Western Province

: near Agordate

: 1945

: Transferred from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, 2012