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: 2010/165/011

: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Material/Textile

: Decorative items for clothes. a-m. a) 2 embroidered patches with the image of a cat on brown fabric with blue bow stitched onto paper. b) Little Red Riding Hood c) 2 cockerels on yellow cloth, 1 blue Teddy bear d) Puss In Boots on brown fabric – cat with blue cape, yellow tunic, green boots e) 4 patches of small net roundels with blue fabric and embroidered birds. f) Roundels of a fine cotton with blue hairbells, 6 on strip of paper g) Roundels on net with pink and blue flowers, 6 stitched onto a paper h) Same roundall as g which has ben attached to something and cut off I) 2 pieces of lace - one very narrow braid and 2 wider length with scalloped edge. j) Length of artificial silk ribbon printed with scenes from Walt Disney’s Dumbo in pink, blue and grey. Note ‘Purchsed in Quetta, 1946, when the film reached us there.’ K) ‘Dorset’ buttons – 2 cards of ‘Dorset’ buttons embroidered in natural cotton and stitched onto cigarette packet with the foil from cigarette packet behind, 9 on one card, 18 on second. Note from donor ‘Buttons made for underwear, baby wear and sold on cigarette cards. Bought in Quetta 1930/1940s l) Piece of cream cotton lace with broad scalloped edge. M) length of narrow blue ribbon with white woven centre. Motifs made by girls at the London Mission Lace Industry Nagercoil, Travancore, India.

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: British Empire & Commonwealth Museum Collection

: Pakistan, South Central Asia, Asia

: Transferred from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, 2012